Let us accompany you on the digital transformation highway. With our StressFree IT service, you have a complete autopilot solution at your disposal, enabling you to lean back and focus on your company's strategy, while we take care of the daily driving.

What We Do

Open2 provides you with signature IT support for the staff and resources that are driving your business processes. On-Premise or Cloud-based, we integrate in your existing environment, and assist you in transforming when needs arise. We leverage enterprise best-practices to small and medium business environments - ensuring stability and manageability - but with the unique flexibility you need in order to move quickly in today's marketplace. The no-nonsense, no-surprise monthly invoicing ensures you do not need to cut corners for the technology on which your business depends.


How We Do IT

With StressFree IT, we go above and beyond traditional IT support. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that not only address your immediate technology needs but also streamline your entire IT infrastructure. Our goal is to simplify your operations while ensuring maximum efficiency, and we achieve this through our unique approach.

Here's what makes us the ideal partner for all your IT requirements:

Thorough Documentation: We understand the importance of having a well-organized and up-to-date internal IT documentation system. Comprehensive internal documentation that outlines your network architecture, software configurations, and hardware specifications enables us to support you quickly and efficiently. This valuable resource ensures smooth knowledge transfer, facilitates troubleshooting, and accelerates future upgrades.

Inventory Management: Keeping track of materials, licenses, and equipment can be a daunting task. That's why we offer robust inventory management services. We maintain an accurate and detailed inventory of all your IT assets, including hardware, software licenses, and warranties. With our proactive approach, you'll never have to worry about missing critical renewal dates or overpaying for unnecessary licenses.

Proactive Monitoring: Downtime and system failures can have a significant impact on your business. Our state-of-the-art monitoring tools enable us to proactively track the performance of your critical components, servers, and network infrastructure. By detecting potential issues before they escalate, we minimize disruptions, maximize uptime, and keep your business running smoothly.

Single Point of Contact: Dealing with multiple vendors can be time-consuming and complicated. As your trusted IT partner, we act as your single point of contact for all technology-related matters. We engage with third-party vendors on your behalf, whether it's for software licensing, hardware procurement, or support requests. This streamlines communication, reduces administrative overhead, and frees up your valuable time.

By choosing StressFree IT, you gain a comprehensive IT solution that simplifies and optimizes your operations.

Let us simplify, streamline, and centralize your IT landscape, so you can focus on what you do best : driving your business forward.


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